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New Touch-screen Control


Featuring a new 10.4'' touch-screen with quick access parameter controls and flat menu design. The new WATO EX-35 UI enables the user to make adjustments to vent mode and monitor settings easier than ever before at this product level.
The new touch responsive Smart Alarm system provides real-time detailed information that quickly and clearly alerts the clinician to adverse situations highlighting the need for early interaction and resolution.

Enhanced Performance


Employing the latest technologies the new WATO EX-35 supports an extensive range of features and functionality, ensuring all anesthetic procedures are delivered safely, efficiently and effectively. Enhanced features include, but are not limited to:
· Integrated Plug-and-play AG Module (auto ID of 5 agent and N2O)
· Integrated multi-mode ventilator offering controlled and support modes of ventilation
· The new and unique Mindray Ventilator Drive Gas Auto Switch function which guarantees the patient is ventilated without interruption at all times…

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