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BeneView T1 has been designed to meet the particular challenges of monitoring patients during transport. A transport solution should be easy to carry and avoid time-consuming recabling. It must also provide advanced networking capabilities, guaranteeing the continuity of all data. With its carefully designed features, BeneView T1 perfectly matches these requirements.

BeneView T1 is both multi-parameter module and transport monitor at the same time. As a module, it connects to the BeneView bedside patient monitor, supporting all standard parameters. It can be quickly unplugged to follow the patient throughout the points of care, allowing for comprehensive patient monitoring also during transport. Thus, BeneView T1 offers seamless data transfer and guarantees the continuity of monitoring information. When connected wirelessly to the Hypervisor VI central monitoring system, all information from BeneView T1 can be viewed from the nurse station or from any bedside monitor in the network.

Its ergonomic carrying handle and multiple mounting options offer unprecedented mobility, making BeneView T1 your optimal choice for mobile patient monitoring.

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