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The BeneView Series has been designed to provide comprehensive patient monitoring while simultaneously integrating and displaying information from the hospital network and other bedside devices. Thus BeneView serves as a sophisticated information manager for critical care areas.

With its powerful monitoring platform and fully modular design, BeneView is capable of measuring and managing simultaneously a wide range of monitoring parameters, including advanced technologies such as PiCCO2, ScvO2 and BISx/x4 as well as clinical tools like Spider Diagram and Density Spectrum Array (DSA).

Using the plug-and-play BeneLink module, up to four other devices, such as ventilators and anesthesia machine, can be connected to the monitor, delivering and managing more information at the bedside. 

Its HL7 protocol and gateway capability enable BeneView to seamlessly interact with your hospital information system or clinical information system. Patients are easily admitted and important vital signs data can be transferred to the patient record system. This efficient and paperless process improves productivity while reducing the risk of transcription errors.

Any data from hospital networks, such as CIS, PACS or LIS, can be displayed clearly on the BeneView, or on a secondary display, giving clinicians access to the information needed to support clinical decision making and enhance patient care.

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