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More care, more confidence


BeneVision? TM80 is a smart wireless telemetry patient monitor. Designed to satisfy telemetry clinical needs, it is small, powerful, durable and easy to use. Moreover, it’s integrated with professional patient monitoring and can be applied in multiple clinical scenarios.

Small in size, powerful in use


TM80 is compact, portable, yet it’s integrated with more professional patient monitoring functions: wide variety of parameters displayed real time on monitor screen include ECG, HR, SpO2, PR, ST, QT, and NIBP; 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) helps manage blood pressure precisely; device tracking helps the caregivers efficiently find the patients when needed.


Durable for ambulatory patient


Considering about the complex ambulatory situations, TM80 efficiently reduces power consumption and enhance anti-collision ability. With the innovative design, TM80 can work up to 40 hours and withstand 1.5m falling.


Precise fingertip control


It calls for fewer buttons, fewer steps, less time for learning and operating. With 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, it’s as simple to use TM80 as using an intelligent mobile phone.


Wireless pairing, extended applications


TM80 can act as a wireless measurement module and then pair with BeneVision? N series patient monitors which remove the annoying cables between patients and devices thus the patient’s mobility around the bed is promoted; also, medical staff can get the patient’s monitoring data from the bigger bedside patient monitor display, which is easier to read.

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