TMS-6016 Telemetry Monitoring System works with HYPERVISOR VI Central Monitoring System. TMS-6016 provides flexible monitoring solution for CCU, ICU, ER, step-down units, general wards, and other areas caring for mobile cardiac patients who require constant monitoring. The powerful antenna system using Space Diversity technology ensures high communication accuracy and a covers a wide range in hospitals.


Additional features include


· Capable of monitoring 16 telemetry patients within one Central Monitoring System

· Fixed and Flexible monitoring modes selectable according to your requirements

· Telemetry patients can be viewed using the BeneView series bedside patient monitors

· Nurse Call and Event buttons enable patients to attract a nurse's attention whenever needed

· AA batteries are significantly less expensive and provide up to 96 hours of working time

· Powerful data storage capability benefits from HYPERVISOR VI Central Monitoring System

· Adjustable alarm levels for ECG Lead Off and SpO2 Sensor Off and alarm delay settings significantly help to reduce unnecessary alarm noise. thereby minimizing inconvenience to nursing staff and patients